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Gate Automation

Sliding Gate Automation

Introduce a higher level of safety and security in your facility with our fast and powerful sliding gate operators. They are brilliantly designed and engineered to save your precious time by simplifying and automating the gate operation.

Swing Gate Automation

Your life will be simpler, easier and better with an automatic opening gate With simple guidance, you can operate the gate from the comfort of your home or car. Choose stylish solutions for yourself and your home.

Fire Alarm System

Supply and Installation

We supply complete range of Fire Protection System including fire alarm, emergency exits, firefighting, gas system and all types of fire extinguisher at competitive rate price and delivery across Oman and UAE.

Design & Engineering

We provide the complete solutions for design of all types of Fire Protection Systems in compliance with the national & international regulation and approvals by state authorities such a Civil defense.

Maintenance & Repair

Having trouble with your existing Fire Safety system ?, we’re here to help you with the most competent and customer friendly team of Engineers who do their job right in no time.

Automatic Road Barrier

Road Barrier System

Automatic gate barriers and boom barriers serve as vital components in modern access control systems. Their primary purpose is to regulate the flow of vehicles in and out of restricted areas, such as parking lots, industrial complexes, residential communities, and commercial premises.

Tracking System

GPS Fleet Control

Full control over your operations is ensured by real-time vehicle tracking system Dubai to monitor your fleet’s position, speed, and status.

Car Tracker

It contains cutting-edge GPS for vehicle tracking systems that give you thorough information about every vehicle’s movement and support you in making wise decisions.

Fleet GPS Systems

A robust infrastructure for effective fleet tracking and management that lowers operating costs and enhances service quality.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Camera Security Solution

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is the best surveillance system for commercial and residential use CCTV acts as a permanent security device that records all the activities happening around the place where it is installed

Video Intercom System

Video Intercom System Installation

Audio and video entry security phones make it easy to identify and verify access requests, from single door audio installations to multi-door video systems.

The new Benchmark for Effortless Solutions.

Discover unparalleled safety expertise with our trusted industry leader. We established in 2010 is an Electro-Mechanical company based Sultanate of Oman.


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