Parking Management System

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IoT-based parking management can help organizations provide local parking services, solve problems and make parking easier. Based in Oman, we are committed to helping car park owners deliver the best customer experience to their customers with our unique car park management solutions. From parking sensors to parking smart cards, our aim is to provide effective solutions to improve parking and prevent illegal parking. As one of India’s leading Parking Management Agencies, our business is growing by providing better parking solutions. We understand the importance of a well-managed parking lot to the success of your business. Our team is dedicated to providing accurate, reliable and customer-friendly parking management solutions to help our customers eliminate car parking management problems. If you need parking management, please contact our team today; We are happy to customize a solution to suit your needs.

Industries We Service


It can be a challenge at times to find a parking space in airports, whether it be small or large. Our car park management system can help in overcoming such troubles.

Shopping Malls

Parking has and always will be a significant factor that influences the customer’s decision as to where to shop. Our array of solutions can help in making your car parking facilities all the more attractive.


Irrespective of the size of your healthcare facility, we here! can help to implement a parking solution that suits your parking infrastructure.

Exhibition Venues

Parking at sports and exhibition venues can prove to be a challenge due to several reasons, including congestion and lack of space. Our parking management system can help in overcoming even the most complex problems.

6 Reason to choose Alnoor Parking Management Solution

Automatic parking control can reduce the stress associated with parking. Our products come with a variety of features to suit any business, from retail stores to schools and hospitals. In addition, our systems are open to change and have the capacity to meet the most demanding needs. Listed are some of the key benefits our parking management system offers:

Efficient Space Utilization

Maximize parking capacity with advanced allocation and space management.

Seamless User Experience

Easy-to-use interface for both administrators and users, ensuring hassle-free parking.

Real-Time Monitoring

Track occupancy and availability in real-time, enhancing operational efficiency.

Advanced Security

State-of-the-art surveillance and access control for a safe parking environment.


Optimize resources and reduce operational costs with our comprehensive solution.

Customizable Solutions

Tailored to meet the specific needs of different parking facilities.

The new Benchmark for Effortless Solutions.

Discover unparalleled safety expertise with our trusted industry leader. We established in 2010 is an Electro-Mechanical company based Sultanate of Oman.


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