Comprehensive Vehicle GPS Tracker System and Fleet Management Solutions

Welcome to Alnoor, the leading GPS car tracker, fleet vehicle tracking system provider in Oman and UAE. We specialize in advanced GPS tracking technologies and offer services designed to optimize your fleet operations, enhance safety, and increase efficiency across various industries. Our commitment to quality and innovation has positioned us as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable fleet management solutions.

GPS Fleet Control

Full control over your operations is ensured by real-time vehicle tracking system Dubai to monitor your fleet’s position, speed, and status.

Car Tracker

It contains cutting-edge GPS for vehicle tracking systems that give you thorough information about every vehicle’s movement and support you in making wise decisions.

Fleet GPS Systems

A robust infrastructure for effective fleet tracking and management that lowers operating costs and enhances service quality.

Fleet Management GPS Tracker

We provide specialized solutions designed to meet your company’s requirements and let you monitor driver behavior, fuel usage, and vehicle health.

Basic Functions
Real-time Surveillance
Take pleasure in having real-time position, speed, and route tracking so you can always be aware of your vehicles’ whereabouts and usage patterns.


Monitoring of Stop Points and Parking
In addition to monitoring parking and stop locations, our GPS tracker offers insights into vehicle usage trends, going beyond simple position monitoring.


Route History
You can access a comprehensive history of all routes taken by each vehicle in your fleet, which is particularly useful for analyzing past trips and optimizing future routes in Oman and UAE.
User-Friendly Interface
Track your fleet easily using our comfortable smartphone or PC interface through our fleet tracking app, designed for simplicity and efficiency.
Alerts and Notifications
Receive instant SMS or email alerts for critical events, such as when a vehicle leaves a designated area, exceeds speed limits, or other specified criteria.
Driver Conduct Tracking
Our technology tracks idle time and detects unsafe driving practices, enabling you to address problems that can result in higher fuel costs or safety hazards.

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